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Left Stroke … Right Stroke (2018) for violin and viola

Three Images (2018) for marimba

Kemp’s Jigsaw (2018) for saxophone quartet

Dvóje Lubki (2017) for flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, and piano

Antics (2017) for brass quintet

Flux (2016) for trombone quartet

Interlace (2016) for clarinet, violin, and piano

Scurry (2016)  for flute and bassoon

Curiosity Quartet (2016) for string quartet

Only in the Anticipation (2015) for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, and double bass

Distance (2015) for trumpet and piano

Trio (2014) for violin, cello, and piano

Geoluread (2014) for percussion ensemble

Schema (2013) for violin, bass clarinet, and marimba

Streams of Consciousness (2012) for flute, cello, and piano